January 25, 2005

Pro-hunters launch court battle

A rather blunt tactic is being used, going back to the 1949 parliment act and showing that it was unlawful as it, they will argue, used itself to become law. Now I'm not particually in favour of hunting, or particually against for that matter, and feel that the big thing is that this little bit of class war has taken up far too much parlimentary time that could have been better spent on other matters. But I support the hunters, not so much for what they do, but for what the government did when it brought the ban in.

If you recall the ban was rushed through parliment without proper debates three days before the Labour Party conference. A party conference that was looking rather tricky thanks to the Iraq war. In fact there was to be a debate on that very issue that would have been very embarrasing to the government. But once this ban had been pushed through suddenly the debate on Iraq was dropped, the proposers of it having been suddenly subjected to an aweful lot of increased preassure. Basically they took a minority group (fox hunters) and used them as scarifical lambs to gain short term political capital. This is fundementally and irrevocably wrong, so this ban must go.


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